Environment and energy

Climate variability and weather

This POSTnote will consider the major internal processes affecting climate variability, whether the behaviour of these phenomena can be predicted with any accuracy and the likely impacts of climate change on their behaviour.

Energy security

This note discusses reasons for recent concern over energy security and considers the various ways in which it can be monitored.

Natural flood management

This POSTnote will review the evidence for the effectiveness of sustainable flood risk management strategies and investigate how they may complement, or conflict with, other objectives, such as reducing watercourse pollution or increasing biodiversity.

Meet the advisers

  • Jonathan Wentworth

    Jonathan Wentworth

    Jonny has a background in plant ecology with a PhD in plant ecological genetics. He worked as civil servant in MAFF and Defra before joining POST.

  • Stephen Allen

    Stephen Allen

    Steve has a background in mechanical engineering with a PhD on the thermodynamic analysis of energy systems. He has worked as a consultant, analysing energy technologies for policy makers, and as a columnist, writing on energy and the environment.