Biological sciences and health

Personal genomics

This POST note will look at the accuracy of direct-to-consumer genetic tests, and the strength of the evidence linking specific gene sequences to an increased risk of developing certain conditions

Personalised cancer treatments

This POSTnote will explore technological advances that are leading to the potential for molecular diagnoses of tumours and the consequences for drug development and treatment.

Biotechnology patents

Biomedical research has long raised issues for the patent sector. This POSTnote will examine the debate surrounding gene patents and patient access to diagnostic tests alongside the issues raised by the ‘morality clause’ in European patent law.

Review of stem cell research

POST is currently working on a short report on this subject, looking at developments in stem cells derived from embryos and from adult cells, and summarising potential future developments in the field.

Video games and violence

This POSTnote will examine the progress made towards ensuring the digital safety of children.

Meet the advisers

  • Peter Border

    Peter Border

  • Ana Padilla

    Over the past ten years, Ana has worked with some key UK organisations in politics and science, from Parliament itself to the Royal Society, the Wellcome Trust, and the British Psychological Society, amongst others, with a focus on science policy, science communication, and public engagement with science.