Trends Cards

POST have developed a set of ‘trends cards'. These are a set of postcard sized cards examining the way the world and society is changing that have resulted from the research undertaken in the 'Trends in' set of POSTnotes.

Cards are used in the private sector as a strategic tool and encourage thinking about how issues are interconnected in a complex systems and how changes in one area will have related impacts.

POST is now undertaking a number of trials about the use of the trends cards in a parliamentary context, which started with a workshop with our European Parliament Technology Assessment colleagues in the French Assembly in September 2015, a workshop with the Association of Professional Futurists in November 2015 and finally a training exercise with the select committee specialists as trial in February 2016. Following this, printed copies of the pack will be available for select committee staff, along with instructions for use.

Download the POST Trends Cards (PDF PDF 3.49 MB)