Horizon Scanning

POST identifies emerging issues in science, technology, society and policy, and analyses their implications for Parliament.

After the last four general elections, POST has produced a ‘Science in the New Parliament’ publication that set out the main science and technology issues likely to be of parliamentary interest over the five year term. The last of these was published in June 2015, POSTnote 500 'Towards 2020 and Beyond', that considered the main drivers of challenges arising during this and future parliaments.

To inform the POST work programme, POST is also developing a process for external experts and internal stakeholders to provide advice on possible future changes, threats and options that are likely to be of interest to parliament. The first publication from this process was POSTbrief 27 'Topics of Interest 2018'. However, POST is currently reviewing its work in this area and in consultation with Board will consider what lessons can be learned from previous activities, such as the 'Trends in' POSTnotes. This will include consideration of what approaches are of most use to Parliamentarians.

Related information

POST developed a set of 'trends cards' to be used as a foresight tool. These cards examine the way the world and society is changing.