Steering Group Members

Details about the 19 steering group members.

1.   Dr Roberta Blackman-Woods MP (Chair)
2.   Baroness Ruth Lister of Burtersett, AcSS CBE

Parliamentary representatives:
3.  Paul Evans, Clerk of Committees, House of Commons
4.  David Lloyd, Head of the Scrutiny Unit, House of Commons
5.  Bryn Morgan, Director of Research Development, House of Commons
6.  Anna Murphy, Clerk of the Science and Technology Select Committee, House of Lords
7.  Naomi Saint, Head of Universities Programme, Education and Engagement, Houses of Parliament
8.  Patrick Vollmer, Director of Library Services, House of Lords
9.  Penny Young, Librarian and Managing Director of Participation and Research and Information, House of Commons

External representatives:
10.  Dr Adam Cooper, Lecturer in Social Science and Public Policy, Department of Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy, UCL
11.  Professor Emma Crewe, Professorial Research Associate, Anthropology Department, SOAS
12.  Barbara Doig, AcSS, Independent consultant
13.  Professor Matthew Flinders, AcSS FRSA, Director, Sir Bernard Crick Centre for the Public Understanding of Politics, University of Sheffield
14.  Dr Ruth Fox, Director and Head of Research, Hansard Society
15.  Margaret Macadam, Senior Evaluation Manager, Evaluation Strategy and Analysis team, Economic and Social Research Council
16.  Professor Sandra Nutley, Director of the Research Unit for Research Utilisation, University of St Andrews
17.  Professor Meg Russell, Director of the Constitution Unit, UCL