Biological sciences and health

The biological science and health section covers wide ranging topics touching on aspects of diseases, medicine and drugs.

Age of criminal responsibility

POSTnote on our current understanding of the minimum age of criminal responsibility

Researching Gambling

A POSTnote examining gambling research, and its role in policy making.

Causes of Obesity

A POSTnote explaining contributory factors that lead to overweight and obesity

Sleep, Sleep Deprivation and Health

A POSTnote examining the latest research on sleep and health.

Antimicrobial resistance and human health – the role of immunisation

Examines the role of immunisation in strategies to tackle antimicrobial resistance

Microbiome and human health

Examines how we can translate knowledge on the human microbiome into health interventions

Meet the advisers

Peter Border

Peter Border

Pete has a PhD in biochemistry. Before joining POST he worked in the agri/biotech sector and as a freelance writer.

Sarah Bunn

Sarah has a PhD in neuroscience from Imperial College London. Before joining POST she worked as a scientific adviser at the Department for Work and Pensions and as a research scientist for Novartis pharmaceuticals.