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This section lists ongoing and future projects approved by the POST Board.

For additional information, or to contribute evidence, literature, or as an external reviewer please contact expressing which project you are interested in contributing to, how and what your expertise is.

Biology and health

  • Antibiotic use in animals and resistance in human pathogens
  • Causes of obesity
  • Climate change and vector-borne disease
  • Industry influence on public health policy
  • Outward medical tourism
  • Researching gambling

Energy and environment

  • Adaptation and mitigation in agriculture
  • Assessing and restoring soil microbiomes
  • Carbon capture, utilisation and storage
  • Climate change and fisheries
  • Climate change and wildfire frequency
  • Developments in wind power
  • Environmental gain
  • Environmental principles: what works
  • Food waste
  • Insect population decline
  • Natural hazard risk assessment
  • UK emissions and 1.5 degrees

Physical sciences and ICT

  • Chemical weapons
  • Cyber Security of consumer products
  • Key EU space programmes

Social sciences

  • Approaches to dealing with stalking and harassment
  • Approaches to reducing violent crime, focusing on early interventions
  • Behaviour change in health and social care
  • Research glossary
  • Robotics and social care

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