Valuing Resources: The Science and Economics of Recycling

15 Jan 2013, 15:00 - 17:30

Attlee Suite, Portcullis House

Tel: 020 7202 8573

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The proportion of waste sent for recycling in the UK has increased by 50% for all sectors since 2004, amounting to an extra 48 million tonnes of material recovered. However, significant challenges remain in extracting the full value of the materials from used products and packaging, particularly where several different materials are mixed together.

This seminar will give attendees the opportunity to hear from experts in recycling and product design on the challenges in generating a high quality of product from recycled materials, and the potential value that could be captured from waste. Attendees will also have the chance to view exhibits and network with representatives from charities, academia, government and industry.

The event is being organised by the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology and the Associate Parliamentary Sustainable Resource Group and is sponsored by the Institution of Chemical Engineers and the North East of England Process Industry Cluster.


  • 15:00 Registration
  • 15:10 Chair’s welcome
  • 15:20 Presentations
    Chris Dow, Chief Executive Officer, Closed Loop Recycling
    Marcus Gover, Director of Closed Loop Economy, WRAP
    Nat Hunter, Co-Director of Design, The RSA
    Ian Hetherington, Director General, British Metals Recycling Association
  • 16:00 Discussion
  • 16:30 Reception and networking
  • 17:30 Close

Please email Katrina Borrow at to register for the event, or phone 020 7202 8573.