Sleep and health

16 Oct 2018, 13:00 - 17:00

Sleep is as essential to life as food and water. But what do we know about sleep and its role in health?

Sleep problems may affect up to a third of the population and most sleep-wake disorders are likely to be underdiagnosed. Research also suggests that long-term sleep problems may be a factor in many physical and mental health conditions.

In collaboration with the Nuffield Foundation, POST has invited experts from medicine, research and occupational sectors. In this seminar, they highlight the latest research and discuss the implications for policy, with a special session focusing on shift work and sleep.


In the first session, academics describe what is known about sleep and the implications of poor sleep for health and performance. It also covers areas of particular clinical concern and how research is informing the design of interventions to improve sleep.

The second session focuses on shift work and sleep. The presenters discuss the health impacts of shift work and evidence-based interventions to minimise them. A representative from the aviation sector discusses how occupational sectors can use research to inform best practice and contribute to workplace policies and international regulation.


Attlee Suite
Portcullis House, Houses of Parliament