Natural Flood Management

Tuesday 17th January 2012, 4.00 – 6.00pm, Committee Room 12, House of Commons

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Flood risk management today uses a range of approaches to reduce risk, including structural works, such as hard flood defences, and non-structural approaches, such as improving flood warning systems and land-use planning. The restoration, alteration and use of natural landscape features are also receiving attention as potentially cost-effective ways of reducing flood risk that can provide other environmental benefits, such as water quality improvements or carbon storage. This seminar reviewed some “natural flood management” strategies, looked at developments in the recent science behind these strategies, and investigated some of the challenges involved in spreading this way of working across the landscape. A summary of the event can be found on the British Ecological Society website and links to copies of the presentations and audio recordings of the event are given below.


4.00pm Chair’s welcome:
Anne McIntosh MP (MP3 19.84 MB), Member of Parliament for Thirsk & Malton and Chair of the Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs Select Committee and the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Flood Protection

4.10pm Presentations:

5.10pm Discussion Audio 1 (MP3 11.05 MB), Audio 2 (MP3 13.52 MB)
5.25pm Chair’s closing remarks
5.30pm Refreshments in the Jubilee Suite
6.00pm Close

To attend please email or telephone 020 7219 8377.