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Digital Strategy for Parliament

Parliament’s Digital Strategy guides how the House of Commons and House of Lords use digital services.

Parliament’s previous digital strategy ran from 2016–2021 and focused on providing excellent digital services to a modern Parliament. During a challenging time, our Digital Service has responded robustly to cyber-attacks, matured through the move to cloud computing and agile multi-disciplinary teams for delivery, as well as renewing its website in 2020.

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The new digital strategy sets our ambitions from 2022 through to 2025.

The strategy was developed by colleagues from across Parliament and in alignment with the House of Commons Service Strategy and House of Lords Administration Strategy. It is owned by the Digital Strategy Board—a pan-Parliament body with oversight for Digital in Parliament on behalf of the Management Boards of both Houses.

Priorities for 2022–25

The new digital strategy sets out four priorities:

  1. Ensure that our digital services are flexible, secure and resilient (in the face of evolving threats)
  2. Keep pace with advances in digital technology to support parliamentary functions and modern working practices, and to engage and empower Members and staff to make the best use of digital
  3. Make digital more sustainable and scalable by updating our operating models and identifying opportunities to improve ways of working
  4. Enable Parliament to make best use of its data and information securely

Making the strategy a reality

To support the strategy, we will:

  • Define, agree and manage enterprise standards for IT and digital
  • Deliver digitally enabled business transformation to Parliament’s core services
  • Ensure improvement in data availability, quality, and accessibility
  • Continue to reduce legacy technology
  • Continue to build digital skills
  • Improve digital culture and community

Read Parliament’s Digital Strategy 2022–25.