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Digital Strategy for Parliament

Digital technology is fundamentally transforming the world in which we live, posing new challenges and creating exciting opportunities for individuals and organisations alike. It has disrupted old models and invented new ones, changing the organising principles of every business.

Parliament is not immune to these seismic changes. The internet is having a massive social impact in the UK, which has significant implications for our democracy. The civic technology community is already consuming parliamentary data to create new and innovative ways for the electorate to engage with their elected representatives and in the democratic process. This inevitably challenges some of our established processes and ways of doing things. Technology is a huge enabler and in Parliament we're already starting to embrace it.

Parliament's Digital Strategy sets out the framework through which we will improve services for all users. Its five-year plan will change how Parliament works and improve how we engage with citizens, become digital by default and deliver our vision: excellent digital services for a modern Parliament.

This vision is deliberately ambitious and sets out what we want to achieve, where we want to be and some principles for how we will achieve it. It is a blueprint for digital change and transformation.

Digital aspirations

The digital aspirations are the main pillars of the vision and how digital will deliver Parliament's Digital Strategy.

  1. Secure technology that works
  2. Good customer service
  3. Digital capability
  4. Transparent, open and inclusive
  5. Effective
  6. Efficient, reducing cost
  7. Business enabling
  8. Digital by default

Digital principles

The digital principles describe how we will work and the culture we need to establish if we are to realise our digital vision.

  1. Start with user needs
  2. Focus on our core work
  3. Be where people are
  4. Continuous iteration
  5. Simplicity
  6. Unity without uniformity
  7. Collaboration culture
  8. Open

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