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Parliamentary Digital Service (PDS)

The Parliamentary Digital Service (PDS) works with the House of Commons, the House of Lords, and Parliament staff on their IT and digital needs.

We think it's important that everyone can access and understand what's going on in Parliament. Our goal is to bring together the public, Parliament Members, and Parliamentary staff to inform, engage, support, and communicate through one, unified digital core – PDS.

We're in the process of making Parliament and its activities more accessible to the public by helping to:

  • give you the information you're looking for, like reports shared by committees, research briefings, transcripts from debates, and updates about laws
  • connect with you on the issues you're interested or passionate about, like asking for evidence on issues
  • engage with you on social as well as sharing media, content, and events
  • update our site with web-friendly, plain English information and resources

Learn more about our different services, from technical computer support to digital content and online engagement.

IT support and advice for Parliament Members (Commons and Lords), including drop-in services.

Managing the Parliamentary network to keep internal computer systems and equipment running properly.

Developing specialist applications to use on the Parliamentary estate and support the work of Parliament.

Programme planning and project management for current activities and future technology needs and developments.

Running the UK Parliament website, social media (like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) and the intranet. We have created community guidelines for our social media channels.

Interested in working for Parliamentary Digital Service? Take a look at current PDS vacancies. If there isn't a role for you at the moment, sign up to our email alerts to find out about any new jobs.

If you'd like to know more about PDS activities and project updates, read the Parliamentary Digital Service blog.