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System of financial support for Members of the House of Lords

The background to the current system of expenses and allowances for Members of the Lords is set out here.

Most Members of the House of Lords do not receive a salary for their parliamentary duties but are eligible to receive allowances and, within certain limits, the travel expenses they incur in fulfilling their parliamentary duties.

Members of the Lords who are not paid a salary may claim a flat rate attendance allowance of £180 or £361 (new rate from the 1st April 2024) or £171 or £342 (old rate up to 31st March 2024), or may choose to make no claim for each sitting day they attend the House.

Members who receive a Ministerial or Office Holders' salary are not entitled to claim the allowances based on attendance.

More information

Read the guide to the system of financial support for Members of the Lords:

View the latest information on Members' claims for daily attendance allowances and travel costs published each month.