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Investigations of complaints

Before the appointment of the Commissioner for Standards the Clerk of the Parliaments, as the Accounting Officer for the House of Lords, had responsibility for investigating complaints about Members of the Lords' allowances claims.

Investigations were carried out where there was concern that the rules may have been breached.

Previous investigations:

The Clerk of the Parliaments' letter of 9 February 2010 refers to a decision by the House Committee on the designation of a main residence.  

Register of Lords' Interests

Lords' Conduct (Sub-Committee)

The Sub-Committeeon Lords' Conduct undertakes detailed consideration of matters relating to the Code of Conduct.

Making a complaint

To make a complaint about the conduct of a Member of the Lords write to the Lords Commissioner for Standards.

Register of Lords' Interests

The Code of Conduct requires Members of the Lords to register financial interests that might reasonably be thought to influence their parliamentary actions.