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Allowances and expenses 2010/11

Allowances and expenses claims in the financial year 2010/11 are set out on this page

The publication of quarterly rather than annual information is part of the new publication schedule under the new system of financial support for Members, which came into effect in October 2010.

Third and fourth quarters

The figures for quarters three and four of the financial year 2010/11 have been published under the new system effective since 1 October 2010.

First and second quarters

The figures for quarters one and two were published under the previous scheme.

Register of Lords' Interests

View the latest information on Members' claims for daily attendance allowances and travel costs publishedeach month.

Lords' Conduct (Sub-Committee)

The Sub-Committeeon Lords' Conduct undertakes detailed consideration of matters relating to the Code of Conduct.

Register of Lords' Interests

The Code of Conduct requires Members of the Lords to register financial interests that might reasonably be thought to influence their parliamentary actions.