Personal Additional Accommodation Expenditure - Subsistence

This note, which should be used in conjunction with the Green Book (March 2009 (PDF PDF 1.52 MB) and July 2009 (PDF PDF 1.1 MB) versions), gives advice on the subsistence rate that could be claimed by Members from their PAAE.

It was effective from 1 June 2009 until 6 May 2010.

Committee on Members Allowances - Practice Note 2

1. Members who claim PAAE may claim a flat-rate sum of £25 for subsistence for any night for which PAAE is payable.

2. No receipts are necessary for this claim to be made. How Members spend the subsistence allowance is for them to decide.

3. Three requirements must be met to make the claim:

  • You must be present at a place where you can claim PAAE. This will normally be your additional home

  • The reason for being there must be so that you can perform parliamentary duties

  • The claim must be made in respect of an overnight absence from your only or main residence

4. You must state the number of nights for which you are making your claim over the claim period.

5. If you claim in respect of a hotel stay, reasonable receipted costs will be paid, provided that any identified food element does not exceed £25. Where no subsistence, or subsistence costing less than £25, is part of the hotel costs, you may claim up to £25 per night in total for subsistence.

6. You should note that no claim can be made for PAAE subsistence when absence overnight was:

  • Not at a place where you can claim PAAE (for example, during extended travel)

  • Not for parliamentary purposes (for example, while at a party event)

  • When you are being paid subsistence from another source (for example, as part of a select committee visit or from a third party)

7. This Practice Note enters into effect on 1 April 2009.

8. This Practice Note is subject to the Principles set out on page 6 of the Green Book.