Equipment purchases up to and including the General Election 2010

This note, which should be used in conjunction with the Green Book (July 2009) (PDF PDF 1.1 MB), gives advice on purchasing equipment in the run up to the General Election which was held in May 2010.

It was effective from 18 January to 6 May 2010.

Committee on Members Allowances - Practice Note 6

The Members Allowances Committee has considered the issue of purchases of office furniture and equipment, and of IT purchases between now and the General Election. It has agreed that the following rules should apply to all Members.

  1. This practice note applies to all Members, irrespective of whether or not you are planning to leave the House at the next election. Members who are returned will be subject to the new rules set out by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA).

  2. The Department of Resources will make a strong presumption that furniture and equipment purchases will not be allowed. PICT will also make the same presumption in respect of IT equipment (apart from software, to which this does not apply).

  3. Nonetheless, the Department will consider exceptional cases on their merits. You must supply full details of the reason for your request before committing yourself to any purchase. Any such request must meet the test of reasonableness set by the Speaker in his statement of 19 May 2009.

  4. If the intended purchase is of computer-related equipment (such as laptops or PCs), you must consult with PICT and the Department of Resources before committing yourself to any purchase. PICT may be able to supply you with a temporary replacement.

  5. You should be prepared to refund the cost of any purchase agreed under this Practice Note if you lose your seat or do not stand at the election.

  6. You cannot claim for any item which could previously have been claimed from the Communications Expenditure. This includes digital cameras, risographs and other printing equipment, and other related equipment.

  7. This Practice Note enters into effect from 18 January 2010.


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12 January 2010