New members of the House of Lords

New members who have joined the House of Lords this year and last year.

Member Party/group Joined the House
Lord McCrea of Magherafelt and Cookstown19 June 2018
Lord Lilley18 June 2018
Lord Pickles18 June 2018
Lord TyrieNon-affiliated12 June 2018
The Lord Bishop of LondonBishops10 April 2018
The Lord Bishop of ChichesterBishops3 January 2018
Lord Houghton of RichmondCrossbench20 November 2017
Lord ChartresCrossbench7 November 2017
Lord Hogan-HoweCrossbench7 November 2017
Lord GeidtCrossbench3 November 2017
Lord Burnett of MaldonNon-affiliated30 October 2017
Lord Agnew of OultonConservative19 October 2017
Baroness FairheadConservative19 October 2017
The Lord Bishop of LincolnBishops11 September 2017
Lord Vaux of HarrowdenCrossbench11 August 2017
Lord Duncan of SpringbankConservative14 July 2017
Baroness WyldConservative22 June 2017
Lord ColgrainConservative27 March 2017


The information on this page is updated daily when the House of Lords is in session, and at least weekly during recess.