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Members of the Lords help to make and shape laws and hold the government to account. Many members remain active in their careers and draw on this experience in their work in the House

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Name Party/group
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Anderson of Swansea, Lord Labour
Arbuthnot of Edrom, Lord Conservative
Arran, Earl Conservative
Astor of Hever, Lord Conservative
Attlee, Earl Conservative
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Bilimoria, Lord Crossbench
Boyce, Lord Crossbench
Brookeborough, Viscount Crossbench
Browne of Ladyton, Lord Labour
C back to top
Campbell of Pittenweem, Lord Liberal Democrat
Carlisle, Bishop Bishops
Colgrain, Lord Conservative
Cork and Orrery, Earl Crossbench
Craig of Radley, Lord Crossbench
Cromwell, Lord Crossbench
D back to top
Dannatt, Lord Crossbench
Davies of Stamford, Lord Labour
De Mauley, Lord Conservative
Dear, Lord Crossbench
Dunlop, Lord Conservative
E back to top
Evans of Watford, Lord Labour
F back to top
Fairfax of Cameron, Lord Conservative
Fookes, Baroness Conservative
Foulkes of Cumnock, Lord Labour
Fox, Lord Liberal Democrat
G back to top
Garden of Frognal, Baroness Liberal Democrat
Garnier, Lord Conservative
Glenarthur, Lord Conservative
Guthrie of Craigiebank, Lord Crossbench
H back to top
Hamilton of Epsom, Lord Conservative
Harris of Haringey, Lord Labour
Harris of Richmond, Baroness Liberal Democrat
Haworth, Lord Labour
Helic, Baroness Conservative
Hogan-Howe, Lord Crossbench
Holmes of Richmond, Lord Non-affiliated
Houghton of Richmond, Lord Crossbench
Howe, Earl Conservative
J back to top
Janvrin, Lord Crossbench
Jay of Ewelme, Lord Crossbench
Jolly, Baroness Liberal Democrat
Jopling, Lord Conservative
Judd, Lord Labour
K back to top
Kingsmill, Baroness Labour
L back to top
Lee of Trafford, Lord Liberal Democrat
Leeds, Bishop Bishops
Levene of Portsoken, Lord Crossbench
Liddell of Coatdyke, Baroness Labour
M back to top
McIntosh of Pickering, Baroness Conservative
MacKenzie of Culkein, Lord Labour
Malloch-Brown, Lord Crossbench
Marlesford, Lord Conservative
Morris of Aberavon, Lord Labour
N back to top
Naseby, Lord Conservative
O back to top
Owen, Lord Independent Social Democrat
Oxford and Asquith, Earl Non-affiliated
P back to top
Palmer of Childs Hill, Lord Liberal Democrat
Portsmouth, Bishop Bishops
Powell of Bayswater, Lord Crossbench
R back to top
Ramsbotham, Lord Crossbench
Ravensdale, Lord Crossbench
Rawlings, Baroness Conservative
Reid of Cardowan, Lord Labour
Ribeiro, Lord Conservative
Richards of Herstmonceux, Lord Crossbench
Ricketts, Lord Crossbench
Robathan, Lord Conservative
Robertson of Port Ellen, Lord Labour
Rotherwick, Lord Conservative
S back to top
Seccombe, Baroness Conservative
Selkirk of Douglas, Lord Conservative
Selsdon, Lord Conservative
Shrewsbury, Earl Conservative
Simon, Viscount Labour
Smith of Newnham, Baroness Liberal Democrat
Soley, Lord Labour
Somerset, Duke Crossbench
Stern, Baroness Crossbench
Swinfen, Lord Conservative
T back to top
Tebbit, Lord Conservative
Trenchard, Viscount Conservative
Triesman, Lord Non-affiliated
Truscott, Lord Independent Labour
W back to top
Walker of Aldringham, Lord Crossbench
West of Spithead, Lord Labour
Wilcox, Baroness Conservative
Williams of Elvel, Lord Labour

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