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Members of the Lords help to make and shape laws and hold the government to account. Many members remain active in their careers and draw on this experience in their work in the House

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Name Party/group
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Ahmad of Wimbledon, Lord Conservative
Allen of Kensington, Lord Labour
Altmann, Baroness Conservative
Anderson of Ipswich, Lord Crossbench
Anderson of Swansea, Lord Labour
Anelay of St Johns, Baroness Conservative
Armstrong of Hill Top, Baroness Labour
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Balfe, Lord Conservative
Bates, Lord Conservative
Beith, Lord Liberal Democrat
Berkeley, Lord Labour
Bilimoria, Lord Crossbench
Billingham, Baroness Labour
Bowness, Lord Conservative
Bridgeman, Viscount Conservative
Brookeborough, Viscount Crossbench
Brown of Cambridge, Baroness Crossbench
Bull, Baroness Crossbench
Butler of Brockwell, Lord Crossbench
C back to top
Campbell of Pittenweem, Lord Liberal Democrat
Canterbury, Archbishop Bishops
Cashman, Lord Non-affiliated
Chalker of Wallasey, Baroness Conservative
Chester, Bishop Bishops
Christopher, Lord Labour
Cohen of Pimlico, Baroness Labour
Cooper of Windrush, Lord Non-affiliated
Cormack, Lord Conservative
Coussins, Baroness Crossbench
Coventry, Bishop Bishops
Cromwell, Lord Crossbench
D back to top
Davies of Stamford, Lord Labour
Dear, Lord Crossbench
Deben, Lord Conservative
Desai, Lord Labour
Dholakia, Lord Liberal Democrat
Dobbs, Lord Conservative
Donaghy, Baroness Labour
Donoughue, Lord Labour
Duncan of Springbank, Lord Conservative
Dunlop, Lord Conservative
Dykes, Lord Crossbench
E back to top
Eames, Lord Crossbench
Elis-Thomas, Lord Non-affiliated
F back to top
Fairfax of Cameron, Lord Conservative
Falkner of Margravine, Baroness Non-affiliated
Flight, Lord Conservative
Foulkes of Cumnock, Lord Labour
G back to top
German, Lord Liberal Democrat
Giddens, Lord Labour
Goldsmith, Lord Labour
Grocott, Lord Labour
H back to top
Hain, Lord Labour
Hamilton of Epsom, Lord Conservative
Hanham, Baroness Conservative
Hannay of Chiswick, Lord Crossbench
Harris of Richmond, Baroness Liberal Democrat
Harrison, Lord Labour
Haskins, Lord Crossbench
Helic, Baroness Conservative
Henig, Baroness Labour
Heseltine, Lord Non-affiliated
Hogan-Howe, Lord Crossbench
Horam, Lord Conservative
Howarth of Breckland, Baroness Crossbench
Howell of Guildford, Lord Conservative
Hughes of Stretford, Baroness Labour
Hunt of Chesterton, Lord Labour
Hunt of Wirral, Lord Conservative
I back to top
Inglewood, Lord Non-affiliated
J back to top
Jay of Ewelme, Lord Crossbench
Judd, Lord Labour
K back to top
Kalms, Lord Non-affiliated
Kennedy of Cradley, Baroness Labour
Kennedy of Southwark, Lord Labour
Kerr of Kinlochard, Lord Crossbench
Kilclooney, Lord Crossbench
Kingsmill, Baroness Labour
Kinnock, Lord Labour
Kinnock of Holyhead, Baroness Labour
Krebs, Lord Crossbench
L back to top
Lansley, Lord Conservative
Lea of Crondall, Lord Labour
Leeds, Bishop Bishops
Liddell of Coatdyke, Baroness Labour
Liddle, Lord Labour
Lilley, Lord Conservative
Livingston of Parkhead, Lord Conservative
M back to top
McConnell of Glenscorrodale, Lord Labour
McDonagh, Baroness Labour
McGregor-Smith, Baroness Conservative
McIntosh of Pickering, Baroness Conservative
McNally, Lord Liberal Democrat
McNicol of West Kilbride, Lord Labour
Macpherson of Earl's Court, Lord Crossbench
Maddock, Baroness Liberal Democrat
Massey of Darwen, Baroness Labour
Mawson, Lord Crossbench
Meyer, Baroness Conservative
Monks, Lord Labour
Montrose, Duke Conservative
Morgan, Lord Labour
Morgan of Ely, Baroness Labour
N back to top
Neuberger, Baroness Crossbench
Neville-Rolfe, Baroness Conservative
Newby, Lord Liberal Democrat
Northbrook, Lord Conservative
O back to top
Oakeshott of Seagrove Bay, Lord Non-affiliated
Oates, Lord Liberal Democrat
O'Cathain, Baroness Conservative
Owen, Lord Independent Social Democrat
P back to top
Pannick, Lord Crossbench
Paul, Lord Non-affiliated
Powell of Bayswater, Lord Crossbench
Prashar, Baroness Crossbench
Price, Lord Conservative
Q back to top
Quin, Baroness Labour
R back to top
Rana, Lord Conservative
Randerson, Baroness Liberal Democrat
Rawlings, Baroness Conservative
Rees of Ludlow, Lord Crossbench
Richards of Herstmonceux, Lord Crossbench
Ricketts, Lord Crossbench
Robertson of Port Ellen, Lord Labour
Rowlands, Lord Labour
Royall of Blaisdon, Baroness Labour
S back to top
Sandwich, Earl Crossbench
Scott of Needham Market, Baroness Liberal Democrat
Smith of Finsbury, Lord Non-affiliated
Smith of Newnham, Baroness Liberal Democrat
Soley, Lord Labour
Somerset, Duke Crossbench
Steel of Aikwood, Lord Liberal Democrat
Stevens of Ludgate, Lord Conservative Independent
Stevenson of Balmacara, Lord Labour
Stoddart of Swindon, Lord Independent Labour
Stunell, Lord Liberal Democrat
Suttie, Baroness Liberal Democrat
T back to top
Taverne, Lord Liberal Democrat
Taylor of Goss Moor, Lord Liberal Democrat
Teverson, Lord Liberal Democrat
Thomas of Cwmgiedd, Lord Crossbench
Tope, Lord Liberal Democrat
Truscott, Lord Independent Labour
Tugendhat, Lord Conservative
Tyler, Lord Liberal Democrat
V back to top
Valentine, Baroness Crossbench
W back to top
Walker of Gestingthorpe, Lord Crossbench
Wallace of Saltaire, Lord Liberal Democrat
Wallace of Tankerness, Lord Liberal Democrat
Walmsley, Baroness Liberal Democrat
Watson of Richmond, Lord Liberal Democrat
Whitty, Lord Labour
Wigley, Lord Plaid Cymru
Willoughby de Broke, Lord Non-affiliated
Wilson of Tillyorn, Lord Crossbench
Wood of Anfield, Lord Labour
Wrigglesworth, Lord Liberal Democrat
Wright of Richmond, Lord Crossbench
Y back to top
Young of Hornsey, Baroness Crossbench

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