Ineligible members of the House of Lords

The members listed below are currently not eligible to take part in the work of the House of Lords.

These members are not included in the Membership of the House of Lords page or the Lords list.

Member Reason Membership type Date of ineligibility
Lord Boyd of DuncansbyDisqualified: Member of the JudiciaryLife peer28 June 2012
Lord Burnett of MaldonDisqualified: Member of the JudiciaryLife peer30 October 2017
Baroness Hale of RichmondDisqualified: Member of the JudiciaryLife Peer (judicial)1 October 2009
Lord Kerr of TonaghmoreDisqualified: Member of the JudiciaryLife Peer (judicial)1 October 2009
Baroness MobarikDisqualified: MEPLife peer8 September 2017
Lord Barker of BattleLeave of AbsenceLife peer27 February 2019
Lord Black of CrossharbourLeave of AbsenceLife peer5 September 2017
Lord Browne of MadingleyLeave of AbsenceLife peer28 March 2018
The Marquess of CholmondeleyLeave of AbsenceExcepted Hereditary3 July 2017
Baroness Clark of CaltonLeave of AbsenceLife peer26 February 2019
Earl of Crawford and BalcarresLeave of AbsenceLife peer8 May 2013
Lord Graham of EdmontonLeave of AbsenceLife peer5 September 2017
Lord HardieLeave of AbsenceLife peer4 July 2016
Baroness King of BowLeave of AbsenceLife peer28 November 2016
Lord Llewellyn of SteepLeave of AbsenceLife peer1 November 2016
Lord MawhinneyLeave of AbsenceLife peer9 October 2017
Lord Sainsbury of Preston CandoverLeave of AbsenceLife peer25 May 2010
Lord Sainsbury of TurvilleLeave of AbsenceLife peer15 July 2013
Baroness Scotland of AsthalLeave of AbsenceLife peer23 March 2016
Baroness ShieldsLeave of AbsenceLife peer1 May 2018
Baroness VaderaLeave of AbsenceLife peer8 December 2011


The information on this page is updated daily when the House of Lords is in session, and at least weekly during recess.

The list includes members who have taken ‘leave of absence’, which must be renewed at the start of each new Parliament.