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The Royal Marines and the UK amphibious capability web forum

Defence Committee

Recent reports suggested that the Government is considering changes to the amphibious capability of the Royal Navy and the Royal Marines as part of the ongoing National Security Capability Review. The House of Commons Defence Committee invited members of the public to share their views on the potential impact of these changes.

The Defence Committee asked for public views on the following questions:

  • How important is the amphibious capability provided by the Royal Marines and Albion class ships to the UK?
  • What is the likely impact on unit morale and satisfaction with Service life if the reported changes and reductions are implemented?
  • What is the likely impact on the communities where these capabilities are based if the reported changes and reductions are implemented?

Deadline for submission to the web forum was Thursday 21 December 2017.

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Colin Trevelion

02 December 2017 at 15:10

The deep and damaging cuts to all three services, but particularly the Royal Navy, have had the effect of undermining both capability and morale. The RN no longer has either the assets or the manpower to effectively carry out it's peacetime duties, let alone react to any aggression from foreign powers. We all acknowledge that the nature of foreign aggression has changed, with the rise of cyber attacks and terrorism, but the fact remains that we are an island nation, dependent on the sea for imports of food, consumer goods and fuel. A strong, efficient Navy is essential for the future security of this nation. The Royal Marines are a cost effective fighting force, with the ability to be deployed at short notice anywhere in the world. They are capable of operating deep within enemy territory, defending offshore oil installations and boarding vessels which may have been taken over by terrorist groups. However, they need to be delivered to any potential theater of operations, along with their equipment. Hence the need to possess amphibious assault ships. Any further cuts to the RN would be disastrous. Any further cuts to the Royal Marines or HMS Bulwark or HMS Albion would be disastrous. Instead, consideration should be given to a continuous ship building program (on the Australian model) which would increase the size of the RN to something approaching a workable level. This would aid British industry at a time when the country faces difficult times economically. It would raise the level of morale within the RN, and perhaps encourage young people to consider a career in the services. Lastly, it would fulfill the prime responsibility of government. The defence if it's people.

Sally Smith

02 December 2017 at 15:06

I am opposed to any cuts to our military in particular RN/RM forces. Given the current state of world affairs/ instability and brexit looming any cuts will render us incapable of supporting our allies and more importantly protecting our island nation and interests. We have a great RN/RM force that are stretched and it would be very naive and shortsighted to have a cut back.

Mr J Bell

02 December 2017 at 14:41

As a UK citizen and tax payer I am absolutely apposed to ANY further cuts to our armed forces. We live in an ever more dangerous world and it is utterly insane to propose ANY further cuts to our armed forces. At a time when we should be rebuilding our Royal Navy around 2 new impressive strike carriers we have the complete opposite going on. HMS Ocean must be retained in the helicopter landing ship role until a purpose built replacement is built. If we cannot afford a replacement why as a nation did we give Pakistan £465 million last year in foreign aid. Pakistan is a nuclear armed state. The Royal navy is already too small to meet current commitments with only 7 SSNs in service and only 19 frigates and destroyers. Barely adequate force levels to defend 1 carrier let alone protect the UKs coastline, EEZ or overseas territories. A force of 26 frigates and destroyers and 10 SSNs is needed. The RN needs to fix the type 45 destroyers propulsion problems and fit them with strike length mk41 vl systems. Then they will be truelly acheiving their potential as a carrier escort capable of multiple missions. The RN desperately needs to select a replacement for harpoon other than the developing Perseus missile that will not be ready until 2030s. Norwegian anti ship missile or LRASM needed NOW. We must retain Royal Marines in current force structure, we must retain Albion, Bulwark and Ocean (until Ocean replaced by a new purpose built replacement) I will not accept as a UK citizen this government or any government undetaking any further defence cuts. If we cannot afford adequate defence forces to protect the country and its interests and not open up any further capability gaps we have 2 options 1) cut foreign aid by 75% and pump that money into defence. 2) Put up income tax by 2-3p to pay in equal measure for Infrastructure, defence, social care and education.


02 December 2017 at 14:33

The Royal Marines have been essential to the safety and security of our once proud nation. There were RM on board our ships of the line for many many years. They have been in every war and major engagement for hundreds of years. We would probably be calling the Falklands the Malvinas without them. Keep cutting back the Forces in our dangerous times, with North Korea, Iran, and the rest of Middle East and we will have to rely on NATO, and specifically the US Forces. We are still an Island Nation. We still need to have a strong and capable Marine Force. Boots on the ground will still be required, and an amphibious capable capability, with highly trained and motivated Marines. Keep cutting at our peril. This is also an insult to the Brave Souls who have given their lives for our peace and security.

Mr John-Owen Bell

02 December 2017 at 13:59

As a UK taxpayer and citizen I am appalled at the thought of any further defence cuts, further loss of capability or reduction in Royal Navy fleet size. As a country we need to retain our armed forces and draw a line in the sand. No more further cuts from here. In fact with a resurgent Russia, growing might of China and the ever present risk of regional conflicts with Iran and North Korea this is not the time to cut our most capable expeditionary assets, meaning the Royal Marines, HMS Ocean (until a suitable purpose built replacement is built) or Albion and Bulwark. I would rather HMG ring fenced defence expenditure and increased it to 3% GDP to defence ratio. How to pay for this? Cut foreign aid budget! why have we last year given £465 million to Pakistan? A nuclear power in its own right. We should rather save that £465 million and build a purpose built LPHD replacement for Ocean and retain Bulwark and Albion. If as a nation we cannot afford currently to pay for an adequately sized, equipped and strengthened armed forces in these dangerous times then but up taxes. The Royal Navy is in a very perilous state currently. Just 7 SSNs, only 19 frigates and destroyers with no plan to replace Harpoon in RN service until Perseus missile is ready in 2030s that is a capability gap of a generation 12-15 years! We need commitments from the defence secretary for F35B numbers to be adequate to equip both carriers if needed 76+ aircraft and provide some RAF capability this means an active fleet of 100+ F35Bs in fleet air arm and RAF service.

John Burnside

02 December 2017 at 13:28

As the father of a Royal Marine YO in training, I have seen around CTC at Lympstone and spoken to officers there. This has led me to believe that cuts to either the Royal Marines or the capability to fully utilise one of the best trained rapid reaction units in the world would be extremely ill advised. Conflicts or humanitarian disasters around the world at the moment would seem to require well trained troops that can be deployed very quickly in a variety of ways.

William Lewis

02 December 2017 at 13:12

I think the cuts to the Royal Navy and Marines would be extremely stupid and dangerous to do. These ships are our only two. Scraping them would greatly impede our ability to provide aid over the ocean. The world is getting more and more unstable, we cannot afford to scrap our only dedicated assault ships! The current cuts are enough as it is. Start taking advice from the military instead of politicians with no view of outside life and defense! At least we are having some new F-35’s and T-26/T-30 Frigates being built. LISTEN TO US AND THE MILITARY. Do not scrap or sell them. We should be increasing our military budget. We are the fifth richest economy in the world. Also, all this nonsense about paying up to £40 billion for leaving the EU?! No thanks, tell Theresa to stop spending the tax-payers money on something we don’t even owe the EU! We contribute 16-18% of all the EU’s budget and they want £40 billion from us to get ‘divorced’? How about no. This is a Britain that needs a stronger leader, Boris Johnson or Nigel Farage would do the job. Thank you for taking the time to read this, hopefully this will make you actually do something for once.

Christopher Bell

02 December 2017 at 13:00

I am extremely concerned about the possibility of the Decommissioning of the 2 Albion Class Assault ships. There are many reasons for my concern: If we lose these ships we lose the capability of sea based intervention by our fabled Royal Marines. The world is becoming even more unstable and our ability to react to global events in the quickest and most appropriate way will be seriously undermined if these ships go. The mere suggestion that these ships may be decommissioned is sending shock waves through our armed forces and, in particular, the Royal Marines. Morale is at an all time low and the threat of up to 1000 redundancies is causing even greater concern. The first priority of the Government is the defense of the nation! Please think very, very carefully before making your decisions.

lewis blair

02 December 2017 at 12:58

How can we defend our land if we have fewer royal marines to protect us, this is absurd and totally unacceptable. We live in very dangerous time and we should be increasing the army , air force and the naval fleet. we need to start thinking of this country and it's needs to stay safe and secure. we have become stale and unprepared for the new world that is coming. we have Brexit and will no longer have the backing of the EU, not that we had any backing from them in my own opinion. foreign aid must stop and put back into this country , I don't want anyone to suffer but if we can't look after the people of this country then how are we going to look after the rest of the world, we was a great country but we are no longer this great country because we are trying to solve other countries problems , we i say no more and it's time we started to look after our own people , when i say our own people that's British Black White or Asian, the people that live here.

Dr Geoffrey Bates

02 December 2017 at 12:52

I strongly believe that the Government has an overriding obligation to ensure that the UK can defend its interests around the globe. As part of this, there should be no further reductions in the mobile capabilities provided by the Royal Marines or the naval craft required to deliver them at the scene of action

Total results 954 (page 24 of 96)