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The Royal Marines and the UK amphibious capability web forum

Defence Committee

Recent reports suggested that the Government is considering changes to the amphibious capability of the Royal Navy and the Royal Marines as part of the ongoing National Security Capability Review. The House of Commons Defence Committee invited members of the public to share their views on the potential impact of these changes.

The Defence Committee asked for public views on the following questions:

  • How important is the amphibious capability provided by the Royal Marines and Albion class ships to the UK?
  • What is the likely impact on unit morale and satisfaction with Service life if the reported changes and reductions are implemented?
  • What is the likely impact on the communities where these capabilities are based if the reported changes and reductions are implemented?

Deadline for submission to the web forum was Thursday 21 December 2017.

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Judith Snell

02 December 2017 at 18:56

Firstly I am against any cuts to the Royal Marines and the Royal Navy because we are a maritime nation and as such we need to maintain the freedom of the seas both for defence and trade. We are a world leading nation and to have a force that is capable of combating terrorism and piracy is vital not only for ourselves but also for other countries. Secondly, when redundancy is threatened there is always a fall in morale and an increase in stress. It causes disharmony and fragmentation and the Marines and Navy are vital too our security to allow this happen, The question must surely not be about money but about if there is a credible alternative good enough if these cuts are made and we are suddenly called to defend ourselves or help defend others in this increasingly uncertain world.

Andrew Oakley

02 December 2017 at 18:51

I feel it is Absolutely absurd and ridiculous in these days of heightened tension to scrap part of the Marines and associated ships, our main means of force projection, we waste 13 Billion in F.A. And are about to give 50billion to the E.U we can afford to keep the above forces. The Defence Review is not based on need, but a cost cutting exercise led by the Treasury. This is not what we the People want !!

Marie Oakley

02 December 2017 at 18:48

We feel it is vital that our Royal Marines and UK Amphibious capability is improved and ring fenced from further Cuts. The last few governments have been traitors to this Country and undermined our armed forces !! This is not what the people want!!

Paul Myatt

02 December 2017 at 18:48

The Royal Marines provide a unique capability to be able to operate by land and by sea. Remember the Falklands war where just prior to the conflict Margaret Thatcher was contemplating scrapping the Royal Marines, imagine if that decision had gone ahead, how foolish would she have looked when the Falklands were invaded. In this day and age with the threat from Russia, ISIS, North Korea the Government cannot foresee where the next threat to our security is coming from, therefore to scrap the Royal Marines and their specialist skills is shortsighted to say the least and if this decision is taken I am sure that the Government of the day will regret it as will the nation. The USA, our biggest ally has already stated it will be a huge mistake to get rid of the Royal Marines, so lets make the correct decision, go for hard Brexit and spend the 50 billion on the defence of this nation.

Allaster Gair

02 December 2017 at 18:27

I would be incredibly disappointed to hear of any cuts to the fleet, especially towards our amphibious capability. Furthermore, to do so after announcing 'The Year of the Navy' and promising investment is just downright ridiculous.

nick saitch

02 December 2017 at 17:42

How about the government stop shooting itself in the foot, it constantly gives money away in foreign aid , wants to spend umpteen billions buying its way out of the EU instead of showing some backbone, builds two aircraft carriers when no aircraft are available for them, invest in ships that can't operate in all parts of the world without breaking down, now it wants to cut one of our best and most traditional services? Stupid is as stupid does

dave parker

02 December 2017 at 17:33

I think that retaining our amphibious capability is extremely important, we are fortunate to have the Royal Marines and Albion class ships to do this and instead of thinking of cutting them we as a country should be thinking about maintaining and improving these assets. I feel that even rumours of possible short sighted cuts to these assets will/have a detrimental effect on morale and if they are carried out I don't think that we'll ever be able to recover these abilities to the standards we have today. There is also the "knock on" effect with the loss of local jobs supporting our world class ships and service personnel.

Gavin Findlay

02 December 2017 at 17:32

Hi, the uk is a small overcrowded archepeligo that MUST import vast quantities of food, fuel and resources to survive and even more to thrive. Sucessive govts esp tory have slashed the RN including Royal Marines. Nott attempted to delete carriers and amphibs in the 80s only stopped by the Falklands war. Cameron and osborne did more damsge to RN and RM thanimperial japan and nazis in WW2! This has got to stop. It will take at least tp 2025 15 years after disasterour sdsr 2010 to recover carriercapability to a marginal stste against a third world threat Deleting amphib capsbility when it would take decades to recover is bluntly insane. Uk's amphib capability is regarded with envy my many hostile powers We must retain the cabsbility to reinforce Norway via UKNL amphib force. Albion AND Bulwark essential Tiry MPs in awestminster hall debate were talking up LSL Bay class they lack command and landing craft capability vertical e nvelopment via helo lift invented by uk, like the aircraft carriers. Yet these ignorant people across party lines are keen to discard Oceanshd be retained, QE class are not LPHs they are too big too expensive and too valuable They must be permited tomanouvre off shore leaving amphibs in the littoral. Trident funding should be outwithdefence, not a military capability. Overseas development should fund in part the amphibs as vital life savers after natural disasters. Proprrly funded contigency forces to deter the bad guys, support oyr allues and defend oyr interests essential. The RN and RM are the tip of the spear They should be strengthened not slashed. Missile capability for QE class, retain Ocean, Bulwork and Albion. Improve kit and retain, indeed grow RM and RN manpower toman current platforms and plan fir the future. Next genamphibs should be one class of LHD type fessels. At least 3 big and caoable,simpler LSL capability to follow. But with syffientsubmarines and surface combatants toescort. The cuts are foolish in the current world climate and mustbe reversed. Honest intelligent equitable funding essential, followed by policies to support UK post Brexit. OD funding MUST reduce, we cannotafford giveaways. We must fund our industry and thenthis can be used to support developing and developed natio s following natural ir man msde disasters. Let the UK armed forces lead by becomibga genuine International Rescye incentury 21. Latter should appeal to Thunderbirds fans. We can do good in the world, but it must be practicable andnot fu d greed and corruption. The RM is oneof the worlds greatest and mostenvied elite firces, allowing manouvre from the freedom ofthe sea toinfluence, protect andcorrect machinations of our rivals and enemiew. This precious and tiny resource must be preserved and enhanced intime. We are an island. Let no one overlook this oft overlooked detail.

Lucy Chaumet

02 December 2017 at 17:23

Re Petition: The Royal Marines are this Nation’s most versatile fighting force superbly trained to react to any challenge that needs to be confronted in this highly dangerous world - from Arctic Norway to the deserts of the Middle East and the jungles of the Far East. Their associated amphibious shipping - especially HMS BULWARK and HMS ALBION - gives them the great flexibility afforded by the high seas. I understand that over 40% of the UK’s critical Special Forces either originated in or are Royal Marines. To cut 1000 Marines would reduce that ‘recruiting’ base as well as having dire consequences for the effectiveness of the 3rd Commando Brigade.

Willam Heenderson RVM

02 December 2017 at 15:17

I have never served in the Royal Marines but I have served alongside of them on a number of occasions and I can confirm they are one of the best Military units in the World, discipline, fitness, integrity and intelligence. Whoever suggested cutting them down really is without doubt underestimating their worth as a fighting unit, a humanitarian unit and a active unit. In my opinion it would be a dramatic and foolish mistake to cut their force numbers down. We need them, they should be increased rather than decreased. Our Armed forces are at an all time low and I can only say that the Government is failing in its duty to the public. Who ever was responsible for the ordering of two Aircraft Carriers failed to look at the consequences of us being without a defence capability as they are too big, cumbersome and worthless without the aircraft that they need. HMS Bulwark and Albion are often used as Helicopter landing platforms which is essential to our safety as a nation.

Total results 954 (page 23 of 96)