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Work and Pensions Committee

As part of our inquiry into the BHS pension fund, the Work and Pensions Committee would like to hear from people with BHS pensions.

In particular, we are interested in hearing from people who have seen cuts of 10% or more to the pensions they expected as a result of the scheme going into a Pension Protection Fund assessment period. Such people may have taken early retirement or reached 60 since 3 Mach 2016.

Answer one or more of the following questions:

  • What has happened to your BHS pension?
  • What effect has any cut had on your family finances?
  • How has the state of the BHS pension scheme affected your planning for the future?

The web forum closes on Sunday 11 December 2016.

Your experiences will help inform the work of the Committee. This forum is pre-moderated and comments that breach the online discussion rules will not be posted.

If you do not wish your comment to be made public, please state "Not for publication" at the start of your comment.

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1 Contributions (since 28 November 2016)
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This web forum is displayed for archive purposes and is no longer accepting public contributions. For queries relating to the content of this web forum, please contact the Work and Pensions Committee.

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Tracey Peacock

30 November 2016 at 09:35

I am 48 years old and with my 7 year BHS pension in the PPF, it makes retirement look less certain and further away. As somebody who has had an average income all my life and who has been relatively sensible so that I hope to have an independent income in retirement, it's structurally unfair that corporate governance allows the kind of owner behaviour seen in BHS' case.

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