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  • What works and what doesn't work about the current system?
  • Have you seen services in your area change?
  • How could services be improved?
  • As a carer, what do you think are the challenges facing the sector?
  • As a carer, are you getting the support you need, financially and in terms of your health and well-being?

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Marie bennet

29 August 2016 at 08:11

I have been a carer for 30 years to 2 special needs men now 62.00 pound a week for caring is a disgrace and an insult to all carers if I gave away my children and fostered I would get loads more help

Ruth Abrahams

28 August 2016 at 15:13

What has helped me live my life in the way that I want to is employing my own staff and having the money through social services direct payments and Independent Living Fund money (which does not exist anymore). Services in my area have changed due to the austerity programme brought in by central government. The amount of money individuals have to contribute to their care plan means that often they do not take up the money offered in the direct payment. Advocacy services have been cut financially, aids and adaptation budgets have been cut and there is less investment in the pavements, and general disability access. Since the demise of the disability rights commission, equality issues are being ignored for disabled people. Universal credit has had a negative effect on the lives of disabled people. I feel that disability equality issues have gone backwards to what it was like before various acts of parliament supposed to rectify this situation. I have had to justify my existence at least once a year to some statutory organisations and in a twelve-month period, this can happen for more than one organisation. For me, it can be the DWP, CCG, social services etc. This becomes very upsetting and disheartening. I am always worried about where my next year's funding will come from. My staff allow me to live a fulfilled life by me directing their work and giving autonomy to me. I have employed my staff for over twenty years. It is hard training staff but once they are trained and understand what is expected of them, it works well. Thank you. [Edited to remove abbreviation]

'Service user'

28 August 2016 at 09:58

Postcode lottery for content of care assessment and financial contribution. No entitlement to live just to exist. More realistic timings need to be considered for tasks, poorly people just cant move as fast as the healthy assessors believe. 15 minute calls are a shambles. Often the hourly rate is not enough to hire local agencies giving the direct payment user no choice. The whole process is dehumanising for me as a 'service user' and my partner who is also a 'carer'. Carers here are supported by a charity and there was no real help beyond a 'cuppa and a chat'. the changes here are around financial assessments.. they have decided that a special diet for health is a choice so shouldnt need any extra money disregarded..i dont see my severe food allergy as a choice and it really increases my shopping bill. Disability Living Allowance care is not meant to pay for social services care its for the extras beyond social services care and there are loads of hidden costs yet many of us pay it straight to council. This would be fine if care plans actually covered everything including all the extra expenses. some areas allow social and hobbies others say you have a telly and a degree before you got ill why do you need friends. no facilities to accommodate fluctuating illnesses and social needs of the 20-50yr olds who cant work and are too young for the social clubs and have all their marbles. the assessment process is distressing and scary and outdated.. no option to fill in our own forms and discuss with 'decision makers' instead we are sent a trained person but not a social worker who often has no idea about my health. It is a disgrace that what help you get is decided by your postcode.. this should be centralised. [amended to remove abbreviation]

Jane Harris

28 August 2016 at 07:49

There is a complete disconnect between the positive rights and duties in the Care Act and implementation. When looking through the list of outcomes that councils are mean to facilitate, two social workers told us: 'but we couldn't possibly help with all that'. Our council has now produced a Resource Allocation policy saying that despite its duties, actual funds will only go to support needs related to safety and security. This is a travesty of what the Care Act was meant to achieve.


27 August 2016 at 19:45

Please stop institutional abuse by Social services. They drove carers to the edge of mental and physical health and disability by systematic lies, bullying, threatening and insulting. They take advantage of the commitment and love of carers for their families and are aware the carer will not abandon their loved ones under any circumstances.

C Mills

27 August 2016 at 17:39

What Care Act? Someone should tell [a local council] Adult Social Care that one exists because they certainly do not follow the guidelines and have been getting away with ignoring people in need for years. Its gone past a joke. Mention ASC to anyone in this county and they laugh in your face. I was receiving a care package prior to my friend taking over. Then 13 months ago, I asked care package to be re-instated as my friend had resumed full time employment. I had to go through the assessment processes again, complained in December2015 as no help received. Complaint ignored twice. Nagged them until hastily put together package began in february2016. Agency was appalling, always hours late, inadequate carers, no care plan and forgot me altogether twice in one week and I was asked to pay £70 a week towards this shambles! Was told no alternative agency available and I'd have to put up with it, I cancelled the agency and formerly complained again. This was investigated by "independent persons" department. 2 issues were upheld. However, nothing has changed. To date, still no care package in force and none of the recommendations in the report have been actioned.(despite being substantial need) Health Ombudsman now investigating. Nothing has changed since I first requested help in July 2015. Adaptations recommended by OT in 2014 refused by Local Council, no reason given despite my efforts of requesting a written one. Care Act? don't make me laugh. It's disgusting- if it was an animal that was struggling everyone would be up-in-arms and this would have been sorted by now. My case is not an isolated one unfortunately, ASC lie, falsify reports and cover their tracks- been doing it for years, time they were investigated fully and independently. [Edited to remove council's name and abbreviation]

Sarah Sammons

27 August 2016 at 15:30

It works when they fill in the care book properly. If they had to help to do something, it needs noting or it looks like you can do it yourself. Then, when the initial six weeks is up, it's harder to get further help leaving you potentially stranded and left to struggle again.

julie sharp

27 August 2016 at 07:44

The NHS should run the whole lot because they are medically trained and know what people need for their individual conditions and what they need when they get poorly. The social care system should be scrapped and the money given all to the NHS.

Joan Frost

27 August 2016 at 00:09

I am a former nurse who now has a disability and long term health conditions resulting in frequent and regular hospital admissions for surgery. When I return home I am in need of care either from my local authority re-ablement team or, when that is unavailable due to being fully subscribed, a private long term care company. Whilst the care received from my local authority is more than excellent, the program lasts for six weeks only. A recovery program is available but the costs skyrocket from £0.00 per week to £94.00 per week for 2.50 hours care per day. This is more than I receive from the care component of Disability Living Allowance and is unaffordable leaving me to struggle on as best I can. When receiving care from the private company, care was frequently rushed, at times almost non-existent and the competence ranged excellent to the totally abysmal. Attitudes of staff ranged from good mannered to completely disinterested and a complete ignoring of dignity. Until adult social care is properly funded and carers receive the recognition and renumeration for an essential role along with first class training the fluctuations in levels of care will continue. Government needs to recognize and accept that properly funded and "joined-up" social care is an essential part of the health and wellbeing of not only an ageing population but of all those with long term health conditions and disabilities. Time for those who sit in their ivory towers and make decisions that affect people's lives to either come into the "real world" and learn how to do it properly or, hand the decision making over to do those best qualified to make those decisions. For too long health and caring have been political footballs to be kicked from one goal to another at the whim of whichever party is power only to be changed by the next and the next. Health and social care should not be in the gift, or otherwise of the party in power to do with as it chooses in order to fit in with their particular ideology. It is something every citizen is not on only entitled to but deserves. [Edited to remove abbreviations]


26 August 2016 at 21:36

I became an unpaid carer against my will. I was never asked, it was decided unilaterally that I would do it. I wouldn't mind were it not exploitation at its worst. It is nothing short of modern slavery, appalling is too mild a word. Promises are not kept, cases are closed without checking, one is pushed from pillar to post. Even my local MP does not want to know and he is Liberal. The system is a chaos and underfunded yet open to abuse by LA admin and managers who only think of their careers. How come the same idea aka Care Act works in Germany and Scandinavia but not in the UK? Someone with a brain needs to be put in charge and take control. And where is all the money that was promised by the Brexiteers? Britain? Maybe. Great? No.

Total results 83 (page 3 of 9)