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Evidence check: Department's use of evidence

Education Committee

Thank you for all comments submitted to the ‘Evidence Check’ forum. The forum is now closed. Comments received will help the Committee evaluate the evidence received from the Department for Education.

The Committee will use the comments to select topics for one-off oral evidence sessions in early 2015.

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154 Contributions (since 18 November 2014)
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21 November 2014 at 08:46

The evidence for the policy on term time holidays for children needs to be reviewed. The policy has treated everyone with a one size fits all attitude. This attitude does not take into account individual family needs, or the restrictions due to parents work or other commitments. The policy lacks consistency with different interpretations being used across the country, creating a feeling of unrest and discrimination. Little thought has also been taken about how a family holiday can benefit a child, to see the places they have learnt about in books, is more valuable than remote classroom learning.

J Fellows

21 November 2014 at 08:36

what evidence was used to ban all leave during term time? Surely the focus should be on children who have very poor attendance throughout the year and not on those who have 5 days off in a whole year to spend as a family. My husband is a police officer, he struggles to get 1-2 days off in school holidays and certainly wouldn't get granted a whole week or fortnight during the holidays. Would a week off school really be so detrimental to my daughters education? I don't think so!

Dawn Sandford

21 November 2014 at 08:17

I think the term time holidays should be reviewed. I think the benifit far outways the negitive implications for the child. They get quality time with family, get to be part of different cultures, meet new people and friends, try things they may not be able to at home to name a few. I can't think of any negative effects on the pupil other than the fact they miss a week of school. obviously no parent in there right mind would take them out at exam time maybe a ban on that time to insure they are there. The only other way round it make it iligal for the travel companies to discriminate against parents and hiking the prices up in term time SO it doesn't matter when you go.


21 November 2014 at 08:14

For more than 50 years Head Teachers have been authorising absences for a family holiday, with little effect on the children's education, then all of a sudden evidence shows that low attainment gives poor GCSE results...this is not because of children tsking a yearly term time holiday, its because the schools are failing our children. (Turning them into academies hasn't helped). A family holiday will enhance a childs education not set them back..... this is purely a easy way for the government to make som money, it has nothing to do with the childs education.

Emma Allan

21 November 2014 at 08:11

As a family of four children whose attendance record is exemplary, we consider our children's education as extremely important. Both my husband and I work to support our family's financial needs which leaves very little quality time together. My husband's managerial job means that he is required to work busy times which coincide with school holidays so time off together as a family is rare. Even when my husband and I can take time off during school holidays, we cannot take time off together due to the fact that number of school holidays far outweighs the holiday allowance given at work. As a family we forfeited a holiday for several years due to the cost. Last year, realising how precious the time together as a family was and how little time we have whilst our children are young we took the decision to take a family holiday during term time. We have as a result been penalised for doing this. I feel this legislation is wrong. It penalises families for wanting to spend time together who either cannot afford to or have restricted time-off. What does this say about our countries emphasis on the important of family life


21 November 2014 at 08:10

Changes to term-time leave permissions in September 2013 were made. The justifications provided by the DfE for making these changes were not backed by their own evidence or that of other bodies. It is still not clear exactly what range of legitimate evidence there is to back-up the changes made and it's subsequent enforcement, despite the fact the changes are resulting in some parents being given a criminal record - a severe, out of proportion penalty for rules which appear to have no tangible evidence behind them but plenty of evidence to suggest they are wrong.

Rebecca richens

21 November 2014 at 08:09

Do Govt use evidence? In education much of their policy is directly against evidence on early play, attachment and early education. No wonder this country has poor mental health and high NEETs . The work agenda and forthcoming election drives education policy.

Emma smith

21 November 2014 at 08:06

this policy was bought in Without any consultation from parents, I get my children to school on time daily and they are only ever of school if they are genuinely I'll as their attendance shows year in year out, yet now I will be tarred with the same brush as a parent that allows their child to truant daily or weekly and the same as a parent that simply cannot be bothered whether their child goes to school or not, again you are targeting honest and normal parents that care for their kids as we are the easy option to fine rather than the parents that don't care about their kids as it would be more paperwork etc etc as there would prob be more problems in them families than parents simply wanting to take quality family time with their children when it suits them.... Why shouldn't I be able to make a decision when I want to holiday with MY CHILDREN yes you read right they are MY CHILDREN not the schools or the governments, my children growing up with happy family memories of wonderful holidays spent in this country are also important to me as that is some of he most valuable things I remember from my own childhood I certainly don't remember every teacher or lesson I had and yes I went to school 99% of the time Aswell .... Change your silly rule and give us responsible parents the 10 day rule back

Kate Nicholls

21 November 2014 at 08:04

If children have otherwise good attendance, the decision re term time leave should be negotiated between school and parent. I have seen no evidence relating family holiday absence and poor performance. Poor performance is related to truancy however.

Donna Sheldon

21 November 2014 at 08:00

Please have a rethink of this policy not everyone can go away in school holidays, it does effect family quality time, not everyone can jus go away in the school holidays due to work commitments, where they work etc. etc. Some families are unable to even have a holiday because of this I no cost is an issue the holiday trebles in the holidays even in this country. And it's not fair. Children need family time as well and to have the experience of learning about different places whether England or abroad. Family time is important when they young life is not just about work work work, we have one life to enjoy, children need good memories too a holiday in school time does not effect their learning should the parents want to do this.

Total results 154 (page 13 of 16)