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Specifically, the Committee was interested in hearing views on the following questions:

  • How well do you think the UK and Scottish Parliaments currently work together?
  • How could the UK and Scottish Governments work together better?
  • How should the UK and Scottish Parliaments take better care to ensure Scottish and UK Ministers work together in the best interests of Scotland?

This forum closed at 5pm on Tuesday 6 March.

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hugh meikle

07 March 2018 at 11:22

It seems to me to be "them and us" all the time now. Now, more than ever, its just not working. Its the same regarding Northern Ireland and Wales. Great Britain is not so great any more. Scotland wants to look forward, the empire is so yesterday and when you look at what the empire did to people all over the world. It really is quite horrible. Its just not working, time for us, Scotland, to do our own thing, its been good, NOT. BYE BYE.

Rachel Adamson

07 March 2018 at 09:09

The Scottish Parliament speaks with the voice of the Scottish people, including those who are against our sovereignty. Every person is represented in parliament. The UK government’s disrespect and often open hostility towards the Scottish Parliament is disrespect and hostility to the people of Scotland. The UK government needs to recognise that the UK is a treaty of nations and treat all negotiations and attempts to work together with the Scottish Parliament as such. The UK government continually behaves like a school-ground bully in its interactions with our Parliament and this is the only reason interaction between the parliaments are difficult. The way to solve this issue is for the UK to officially become what it has always supposed to be: A Treaty of Nations, full devolution and equal votes for each nation, decisions taken only with agreement of all parts of the UK and respect afforded at all levels.

Alan J Morrison

07 March 2018 at 07:47

Currently the Scottish Executive in Holyrood is a waste of time and money as it does not work for the whole of Scotland or even the majority. It’s currently been run for the small minority who support the incumbent governing MSPs who’s only interest is ruining the country to such an extent that their dream of Independence becomes a reality if another vote is legally held. Dissolving Holyrood is a practible and viable option and returning all powers to Westminster governance until Scottish matters are returned to a well managed base once more, then and only then should the Scottish Executive be reinstated to try once more. Scotland does not seek or want a second Indyref nor do we wish to be outside the UK. Scotland did not vote separately to stay in the EU, we chose as UK citizens to leave but the SNP refuse to accept any democratic choice that doesn’t meet their agenda. SNP are unable to manage the powers Scotland currently has, so we do not feel the snp are competent enough to manage the extra burden of the returning 111 powers. Keep them in Westminster until a UK framework is in place AND Holyrood shows it is competent enough to be able to handle them which won’t be anytime soon based on their current incompetent performances and mismanagement of all sectors of Scotland (Health, Police, Education, Transport, Councils, etc).


07 March 2018 at 04:43

The media in Scotland is totally biased against the Scottish Government. The BBC in particular is a total disgrace. It is just a propaganda channel. Trying to remove a democratically elected government by these means just encourages more voters to opt for independence. The more dirty tricks by Westminster the more Scots decide to vote for independence. Keep up the good work. Independence is inevitable. Only the old are taken in by the BBC and the printed press. English TV and English newspapers.

Gordon Alexander

06 March 2018 at 22:53

I never did and still don’t fully understand the very complex issue of the EU ref vote. The only justifiable reason I voted to remain was the threat of another divisive Scottish Indy ref. We were told the SNP would use this as a mechanism to fight for a second chance for independence and we should vote remain to avoid this. My remain vote is continuing to be used against my wishes in every attempt to break up the UK. We voted as one nation and there is no relevance on how each country voted. The SNP are destroying Scotland and with their minority administration are refusing to accept the 2014 outcome as well as over one million Scots who voted to leave the EU. Devolution appears to be have many advantages but the way it’s currently operating it is badly letting down Scotland. The SNPs obsession with independence is crippling this country. Their loyal support will vote for them regardless of their ability to govern and with the majority union vote spread between three parties it’s obvious the SNP will dominate at the ballot box for many years to come. Or until they achieve their ultimate goal. The SNP are clearly not acting in the best interest of the country, they are acting in the best interests of themselves. I feel the SNP have become too powerful and if they continue to go unchallenged I fear the worst for Scotland and the union. Every problem and argument they’re making on behalf of the EU if applied to their own case for independence, it would blow it out the water. Surely they must realise this and this should be used to counter any appeal for another referendum. Simply I would not mind one jot if Westminster decided for the good of the Union to dismantle Holyrood as it is now showing it is not working effectively for the Scottish people anymore. I was happy enough to go with the status quo and remain but now I have a better understanding of how the negotiations are going between the Uk government and the European Union. I fully support our Prime Minister on delivering the best deal for the Uk and if that means walking away without a deal so be it.

J Doherty

06 March 2018 at 21:39

The UK Government and the Scottish Government would work better together if the UK government stopped their anti Scottish and anti SNP behaviour of ignoring, belittling and sidelining the majority of our MPs and MSPs and lying about the achievements of Holyrood and the contributions that Scotland makes to the economy. This does not feel like an equal partnership where Scotland is respected and involved in decision making and that’s why support for independence for Scotland is growing. They should respect devolution and return powers coming back from the EU to the Scottish Parliament instead of trying to undermine it. With very limited powers, Scotland’s Parliament has begun to take decisions which diverge from UK government Tory austerity policies (policies which Labour have supported) and which are in the best interests of the Scottish people and ‘they’re doing it deliberately’. Westminster don’t like it as they want to control Scotland and take its resources to benefit themselves. Divisions are being caused because Tory and Labour unionists and the main stream media have been shown time and again to be lying about how well Scotland is doing compared to England. Their credibility is damaged and people are fact checking for themselves. The UK government’s incompetent and arrogant Brexit negotiations have made the UK a laughing stock around the world and Scotland’s voice is being ignored.


06 March 2018 at 20:48

Despite voting for the devolution I am disappointed in how the Scottish parliament has turned out. Rather than working together with the UK government for the benefit of Scotland it seems that the Scottish government are intent on doing everything it can to drive a wedge between Scotland and the UK. This is detrimental to Scotland and to the UK as a whole. In my opinion the Scottish parliament should be dissolved and power returned to Westminster with an enhanced Scotland office with a remit to represent Scotland.

Gillian McClure

06 March 2018 at 18:36

Hi I think genuinely the Scottish Parliament is an utter waste of time but that isn’t helpful here I know. I don’t think the Scottish Parliament works as a “whole entity”. SNP are there to achieve independence at all costs and their opponents are having to respond to that immediate threat Things would work better if the independence question was settled so perhaps we just need to have that second referendum and get a clear answer It would be helpful if MSPs were in a position to unite Scotland before trying to unite the UK. There has to be a clear message to those involved in the disproportionately massive cash economy in Scotland that whichever way you vote services are going to have to be paid for


06 March 2018 at 17:01

1. How well do you think the UK and Scottish Parliaments currently work together? Despite the UK being a Political Union between the Kingdoms of Scotland and England (which included Wales and Ireland at the time of signing) Scotland is treated as a Vassal State whose Democratically elected Government (elected by The Sovereign People of Scotland) is ignored (the current Brexit Negotiations with the EU are a prime example). 2. How could the UK and Scottish Governments work together better? The UK Government should actually include The Scottish Government and not use the increasingly redundant Scottish Office as a proxy Scottish Government. The UK is a Political Union NOT a single country and it’s 2 signatories should treat each other equally. 3. How should the UK and Scottish Parliaments take better care to ensure Scottish and UK Ministers work together in the best interests of Scotland? See Point 2 above. Disband the Scottish Office, Greater engagement and respect to whomever is the elected Scottish Government. Respect that the Scottish people are sovereign, respect that we we voted for Devolution,respect that Powers returning from the EU which are currently Devolved come directly to Holyrood, respect that we voted to be the most devolved Government in the world (as promised in ‘The Vow’ but which was renaged on via The Smith Commission and subsequent Scotland Act) and respect that we voted to stay in the EU and retain our EU Citizenship.


06 March 2018 at 17:01

The devolution bill should be sacrosanct. The 111 powers returning from the EU should come directly to the SG. Holyroodis the will of the people

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