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Dr Gbemi Oluleye, Assistant Professor/Lecturer, Imperial College London


Twitter: @Gbemi

LinkedIn: LinkedIn page for Dr Gbemi Oluleye

In this video interview, Dr Gbemi Oluleye describes her experience of engaging with an All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG).

Video interview - Dr Gbemi Oluleye

Recorded Summer 2021. 4 mins 31 seconds.

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Here is a transcript of the video interview.

Below you can find some selected quotes from the video interview.


“...I was invited as a keynote speaker for a roundtable discussion on industrial decarbonisation, and the roundtable by organised by the All Party Parliamentary Climate Change Group.”


“...when I was invited, I was excited about it, that I was going to present some form of evidence, or talk more broadly about industrial decarbonisation. And so I accepted the invite and we had the discussion and it was successful […] it was a positive experience for me, I learned a lot and I hope everyone who listened, everyone who was a part of that roundtable discussion also learned a lot.”


“I think it’s important for researchers to engage with Parliament once in a while, especially since, if you look at the UK, net zero carbon, net zero greenhouses gas, has been passed into law, and the ambition is to achieve it by 2050, so I think researchers who are doing research in climate change directly or indirectly should […] embrace the opportunities, to engage with Parliament to let them know about the signs, what the challenges are but most importantly, how they can be overcome.”


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