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Parliament for Researchers: how to work with select committees

This training session gives a brief overview of the UK Parliament and then explores the role, work and structure of select committees in the House of Commons and the House of Lords. It outlines opportunities for researchers and experts to contribute to the work of select committees, including advice on submitting evidence to inquiries.

This is a recording of an online training session, delivered on 25th November 2020 by UK Parliament’s Knowledge Exchange Unit and featuring an expert speaker from the House of Commons Committee Office. 31mins09secs long.

This training session is aimed at academic researchers and focuses on practical information and advice. The presenter is Naomi Saint, Knowledge Exchange Manager, UK Parliament, and the expert speaker is David Slater, Clerk of the Liaison Select Committee, House of Commons.

Please note that during some short parts of the video, the audio is out of sync with the picture. This is due to connection issues at the time of recording. The audio will sync with the video again after a short period if you continue watching.

You can also access other training sessions from UK Parliament's Knowledge Exchange Unit, including "Parliament for Researchers: exploring select committee evidence".

Training resources

Introductory videos about Parliament

You may find these short videos useful before watching the training session, to refresh your knowledge on the structure and role of the UK Parliament.

Useful links

The links below accompany information presented in the training session.

General advice on engaging with Parliament as a researcher

Engaging with select committees