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Parliament for PhD students: how to engage with the UK Parliament

This training session gives an overview of the UK Parliament and how Parliament uses research, and covers ways to work with the institution as a researcher including details on select committees, the House of Commons and House of Lords Libraries, and POST. It also explores working with individual Parliamentarians. 

This is a recording of an online training session, delivered on 9th December 2020 by UK Parliament’s Knowledge Exchange Unit. 33mins17secs long.

This training session is aimed at PhD students, and explores how to engage with the UK Parliament at the start of your research career. It focuses on practical information and advice, with tips on what parliamentary engagement you could do with your limited time and how to be confident in your own expertise. The main presenter is Dr Laura Webb, Knowledge Exchange Manager, UK Parliament.

You can also access other training sessions from UK Parliament's Knowledge Exchange Unit.

Training resources

Useful links

The links below accompany information presented in the training session.

General advice on engaging with Parliament as a researcher

Engaging with select committees

Engaging with the House of Commons and House of Lords Libraries

Engaging with POST

Engaging with All Party Parliamentary Groups (APPGs)