Training and events

Parliament hosts events open to researchers and delivers training across the UK.


Regional workshops

We offer regional training events for researchers and university staff called 'Parliament for Researchers'. These monthly workshops explore how to use research to engage with Parliament and take place across the UK.

They are open to any researcher at any stage of their career.

Mass Open Online Courses

Parliament runs a number of free online courses throughout the year. Find out more about these here: Future Learn: Houses of Parliament (external site).

Academic fellowships

We offer a number of academic fellowships, which allow researchers to get first-hand experience of the work of Parliament.

Training for academic researchers

We offer training workshops for academics on using research to have an impact at Parliament.



POST organises events to connect Parliamentarians with leading experts from the research community and other sectors, including government, business and non-profit organisations on a range of topics.

Select Committees

All Select Committees take evidence in public, with very few exceptions. UK residents and overseas visitors are therefore welcome to watch Committees when they are in session.


The Libraries of both Houses organise events, sometimes open to researchers or general members of the public.