Knowledge Exchange Unit

We support the exchange of information and expertise between researchers and the UK Parliament. Working with higher education and beyond, we facilitate and strengthen this exchange of knowledge in a variety of ways.

Resources and support we offer

  • A first point of contact for any researcher wishing to work with or find out more about UK Parliament
  • Training through 'Parliament for Researchers', our monthly regional training events for researchers and those working in higher education
  • @UKParl_Research Twitter feed, bringing together opportunities, information and advice for researchers and a platform to interact with teams across UK Parliament
  • Online resources about why and how to engage with UK Parliament

Building understanding

  • We are working to develop relationships between UK Parliament and networks and organisations in the research community
  • We are liaising with Research England on Research Excellence Framework (REF) and Knowledge Exchange Framework (KEF), to ensure understanding of knowledge exchange and impact in legislatures

Contact us

For more information about the Knowledge Exchange Unit, or advice on working with UK Parliament as a researcher, contact the Knowledge Exchange team.

  • Dr Sarah Foxen, Knowledge Exchange Lead 
  • Naomi Saint, Knowledge Exchange Manager 
  • Dr Laura Webb, Knowledge Exchange Manager

Parliament and the Research Excellence Framework


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Researchers' stories

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