Julius van de Laar - Campaigns Consultant & Digital Media Strategist

Julius van de Laar

In today’s 24/7 media environment it has become more difficult than ever to set the agenda, frame an issue or engage an audience. Barack Obama has set the standard for campaigning by changing the way new media is used to tell compelling stories, engage and empower supporters, raise money and turn out voters

As parties, politicians and campaign managers throughout Europe are preparing for fierce electoral battles, the campaigns are stepping up their digital game, embracing social media more than ever. New tools and strategies provide seemingly limitless and inconceivable new opportunities for innovation, taking campaigns and supporter engagement to the next level.

New media strategist Julius van de Laar will share a behind the scenes look into some of the most effective online and social media tactics. During his presentation he will present case studies and concrete tools that are used today by leading political campaigns. He’ll speak about innovative campaigning strategies and provide a first hand account on how campaigns empower millions to become active in the political process by giving a voice to anyone with an internet connection.

About Julius

Julius van de Laar is a political strategist and communications expert with strong campaigning experience. He has consulted politicians and political parties, non-governmental organizations, and private sector corporations developing strategies to achieve their goals: developing a compelling campaign narrative, winning elections, advocating for issues, raising money, growing their membership and creating a movement.
During the 2012 US Presidential election, Julius van de Laar worked for Barack Obama's winning presidential campaign as regional GOTV director in the battleground state of Ohio. There, he focused on targeting voters and gaining supporters by combining proven campaigning strategies with the latest new media tactics.

In 2007 and 2008 he worked for Obama for America in nearly a dozen states and served as Missouri Youth Vote director. Since then van de Laar served as a senior strategist to Germany's Social Democratic Party in the 2009 federal election cycle, as well as other parties and candidates across Europe. He has consulted for major NGO's including Amnesty International, Change.org, Greenpeace, WWF and Avaaz.org, providing strategic communications advice.

Van de Laar is a frequent TV and radio pundit, providing analysis on current political events and online campaigning. He lectures at conferences and universities, gives workshops and trainings on campaigning and social media and advises politicians and business leaders on strategic communications.

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