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Parliaments on the Net XI - Realising the Digital Parliament | 2-3 May 2013

Innovations in technology and in particular the web, offers Parliaments and parliamentarians a huge opportunity to improve the way they work and enhance the process of democracy. In 2013, many are taking advantage of those opportunities, recognising that the world of today is a digital world, a mobile world and a world which needs to do things ever more cost effectively


Since 1996, the ECPRD has promoted a series of seminars entitled ‘Parliaments on the Net’ with the aim of bringing together digital experts from across Europe to share experience and best practice on how Parliaments can best exploit the opportunities offered by the web.

About Parliaments on the Net XI

The London seminar was entitled ‘Realising the Digital Parliament’ and focused in particular on the shift taking place in many Parliaments from print to digital.

  • Should Parliaments be digital first?
  • Should Parliament websites be designed primarily for mobile devices e.g. apps?
  • What does the digital Parliament look like?
  • What are Parliamentarians and the public’s expectations and how can we meet them? 

The UK Parliament was keen to have contributions that demonstrate case studies on innovation, vision of the Parliamentary future, how digital delivery could drive cost savings and how improved information management is essential to support the delivery of the digital Parliament.

There were external speakers such as Julius van de Larr and Dr Andy Williamson  who showcased how digital innovation were changing the process of lawmaking and politics more widely around the globe.

The meeting was aimed primarily at web professionals and/or decision-makers in national Parliaments in Europe.


  • Image: Parliamentary copyright