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UK drugs policy

Thank you for sharing your views on UK drugs policy with Ronnie Cowan MP.

Oct 17 2018 5:30PM - Oct 22 2018 3:00PM

The Facebook discussion card ran from 17 - 22 October 2018.

Speaking in the debate, Ronnie Cowan MP said:

"Prior to this debate, the Westminster digital engagement team put out an appeal on social media, advertising the debate and asking the people of this country, “What do you think?” Nearly 20,000 people were engaged. The majority of the responses came back saying, “Legalise cannabis.” Some called for drugs to be regulated and taxed. A few said that they had lost loved ones as a result of the current policy. Some commenters called for drug addiction to be seen as a health issue, rather than a criminal one. Lots of commenters called for the UK to take the same approach as Portugal. That is the people of this country talking." 

You can watch the debate on Parliament TV or read the Hansard report.