Mental health: Assessment

17 Jan 2019 - 22 Jan 2019, 15:30 - 15:30

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on accessing Universal Credit, ESA or PIP whilst living with a mental health problem with Angela Crawley MP.

The Facebook discussion card ran from 17 - 22 January 2019.

Speaking during the debate, Angela Crawley said:

"I thank the hundreds of people who wrote to me via the call for evidence on the House of Commons Facebook page, as well as the digital support team at Parliament.

Many of the stories shared by people from across the country were harrowing and difficult to read, simply because of how badly they felt they had been treated. I cannot do justice to the subject without reading out some of the words that they used. The main themes that came out of the online contributions were that the process seemed to be making mental health issues worse; that people did not think that the assessors were qualified; that the amount of money awarded was simply not enough to live on; that the process was inappropriate and poorly conceived; and that people were often declared ineligible despite having mental health diagnoses, as well as support and evidence from their doctor."

You can watch the debate on Parliament TV or read the Hansard report.

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