General election TV debates

14 Dec 2018 - 19 Dec 2018, 11:30 - 17:00

Should party leaders have to take part in a TV debate before a general election? Should it be all the party leaders or just the main two parties? Should the TV companies or the taxpayer cover the cost of the debate?

On Monday 7 January, MPs will debate a petition which calls for election debates and the Petitions Committee want to hear your views.

Comment on the House of Commons Facebook with your thoughts before 5pm on Wednesday 19 December.

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Your name, and any information or opinions you provide, may be shared with the Petitions Committe and its staff and used in a Parliamentary debate which will be on the record and available on Parliament TV and Hansard. Please ensure that you are happy with your comment before sharing.

You must follow Parliament’s online discussion rules. Please remember that comments posted on the House of Commons Facebook account are public; check your privacy settings before posting.

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