Electric shock collars

7 Mar 2018 - 13 Mar 2018, 9:00 - 9:00

Thank you for sharing your comments on the use, sale and distribution of electric shock collars with Ross Thomson MP.

The Facebook discussion card ran from 7 March - 13 March 2018.

Speaking in the debate, Ross Thomson said:

"In the run-up to this debate, members of the public were invited to post and share their views about banning shock collars on the House of Commons Facebook page. The response to that invitation has been quite amazing and the comments are still coming in, so I thank everyone who took the time to share their thoughts. The majority of respondents believe that shock collars are not necessary to train dogs, and I will share with Members a couple of the comments. Deb said:

“There is no justification for training animals using pain, rather than reward and building trust. It is not only cruel. It risks creating behavioural issues in the short or long term that could be a risk to humans. Ban the shock collars. It’s overdue.”

Karen said:

“They need to be banned. It is a cruel and inhumane form of torture and abuse. If it isn’t suitable to use on your human child then it shouldn’t be suitable to use on a pet.”

Bill said:

“If you love your dog why would you want to give them an electric shock? Why not spend time with them training them?”

You can watch the debate on Parliament TV or read the Hansard report.

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