Vote in general elections and referendums

Vote in general elections

To vote in a general election or a referendum, you need to be on the electoral register. Find out how to register to vote and about the different ways you can cast your vote, so you can take part.

How do I register to vote?

Find out how to register online or by post to ensure you can vote in general elections.

What are the different ways to vote?

Explore your options, including voting in person, by post or choosing someone to vote on your behalf.

How can I stand in an election?

Standing for Parliament

Find out what you need to get started to stand as a candidate in a general election.

Referendums in the UK

A referendum is a method of referring a question or set of questions to the entire electorate directly.

Video: how the General Election works in nearly 60 seconds

Find Your MP

Living Heritage

Before 1918 no women were allowed to vote in parliamentary elections. Discover how the right to vote was extended to different sectors of society over the years.