Teacher Ambassador Award 2018

The winner of the Teacher Ambassador Award was Arthur Wood, Deputy Head of Juniors at Ashbridge School in Preston.

Arthur has arranged a variety of activities related to Parliament and democracy including:

  • British Council Connecting Classrooms Project with Ghana -exploring Democracy in Ghana/ UK
  • CPD event for Deputy Head Teachers (North West Region) to engage with the UK Parliament
  • A programme of events for the whole school during Parliament Week involving a Parliamentary Loans Box, activities for all years, school assemblies, a joint event planned with a local feeder secondary school and visits from local MP Seema Kennedy.

Arthur is responsible for the school council and is currently working to embed units on Parliament and democracy in the school Personal Development Programme.

He also makes extensive use of social media to communicate and celebrate work he and the students at his school do in relation to Parliament and democracy.

Arthur hopes to take part in a Skype the Speaker session and has applied to bring a group to the Parliamentary Education Centre in summer 2018.

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