Digital Democracy Award 2018

The winner of the Digital Democracy Award was Rachael Farrington from Voting Counts.

In 2014, aged seventeen, Rachael Farrington set up Voting Counts as a simple, unbiased resource that aimed to engage young adults in elections by explaining the importance of their vote.

The website has grown and grown and now features a huge amount of content to help young adults make their own informed decisions at election time, without influence from their friends, family and the media. Voting Counts also links users to external resources, such as content created by the UK Parliament Education and Engagement Service.

Rachael built the website herself, and together with a team of loyal young volunteers has established Voting Counts as a go-to resource for young adults at election time - with almost 60k visitors on the week of the election, and tens of thousands in the run up to the voter registration deadline.

With very limited resources the projects has reached out to thousands of potential voters at election time to explain the importance of political engagement, and utilised media outlets such as the BBC, Channel 5, The Guardian, The Big Issue and LBC radio.

Voting Counts are currently working on items for the 100-year anniversary of The Representation of The People Act and the local elections, and are also looking at helping teachers introduce politics into the classroom via their new project TeachPolitics, which they hope to launch in 2018.