Community Campaigner Award 2018

The winner of the Community Campaigner Award was Become, a charity for children in care and young care leavers.

Become have spent the last two years delivering an amazing project called Passport to Parliament. It is an outreach project, delivered by care experienced young people, enabling looked after children and care givers to be agents of change, in their own lives and within the care system.

The project aims to strengthen the participant’s confidence and sense of empowerment and connect them to both decision makers and to a wider community of care experienced young people facing similar issues.

Young people take part in workshops about democracy and Parliament, local decision making and how politics affects the care system.  Those taking part have gone on to start campaigns about public WiFi access policy change in a residential children's home provider, awareness campaigning around the realities of the impact of Home Office delays on refugee children and young migrants, and recruitment of foster carers.

The ultimate outcome of the Passport to Parliament project is that seldom heard children- who were previously disengaged with politics- plan and deliver a campaign to make changes to issues which are important to them, enabling others to do the same.