Community Campaigner of the Year

Thanks for getting involved with the UK Parliament over the past year, and for your interest in making an award submission. You can make a submission (as an individual, school or organisation) by giving details about the impact of your activities and how you have engaged people with the UK Parliament and democracy.

You can also nominate others for awards, but once nominated they will need to agree to our terms and conditions in order to proceed to shortlisting stage.

Before you apply please take the time read the submission guidelines.

Submission guidelines

This category recognises an individual or organisation who has worked towards change in their local community, encouraging and enabling others to do the same.

To be considered for Community Campaigner of the Year, please tell us:

  • What your campaign was about
  • How it was linked to UK Parliament
  • How you went about engaging people and building support for your campaign
  • Whether you achieved your aims
  • Why you feel it made a difference to your local community

How do I apply?

Once you’re ready to complete your submission, follow this link for the application form:


  • To read the submission guidance thoroughly, including the terms and conditions
  • To address all of the submission criteria outlined in each category

We recommend drafting your submission and copying it in to the web form when you are ready to submit.

Good luck!


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