Your UK Parliament Awards 2019: nominations now open

It’s your UK Parliament. Your democracy. Everything that happens here is about you and driven by you. What you think about how we work matters, and you have the power to shape it.

We want more people to get involved in Parliament and elections, influence what we do and how the country is run.

What are the Your UK Parliament Awards?

Last year we launched Your UK Parliament Awards. The awards recognise people who have helped shape our agenda and made Parliament more accessible to people throughout the UK.

From organising school visits so that young people understand how democracy works, to digital campaigns to drive up participation in elections. It all makes a difference. Activities big and small help drive engagement with Parliament and influence how we work.    

Your UK Parliament Awards 2019

This year, our awards are bigger and better than ever.

From highlighting an issue of personal or local importance, through to campaigns capable of grabbing national headlines, this is your opportunity to highlight the difference you’ve made.

Your stories will help inspire others to get involved, so enter now to share your achievements and be part of our story.

What are the award categories?

This year there are six awards, in the following categories:

The Speaker of the House, a panel of MPs, Lords and independent judges will choose the Award winners.

The Award ceremony will take place at the Houses of Parliament.

How to apply?

Read the submissions guidelines on each Award page before applying to make sure your application is as strong as possible.

You will find a link to an online application form on each Award page.

Applications close on Sunday 3 February 2019.

Remember to read the terms and conditions too!

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