Academic Fellowship opportunities at the Houses of Parliament

Parliament offers a range of Fellowships which enable academics to come and work at Parliament.

There are opportunities for academic researchers at any stage of their career to conduct research within Parliament, either examining Parliament itself or producing research to be used by Parliamentarians.

POST Fellowships
PhD students can be sponsored to spend (usually) three months working at the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST). Some fellowships are also open to post-doctoral researchers in academia and industry.  This scheme is run with Research Councils, learned societies and charities.

Parliamentary Academic Fellowship Scheme
Apply to work on a specific research project issued by an office in Parliament, or propose a project of your choosing.  This scheme is open to academics employed at a UK higher education institution that holds either an ESRC or EPSRC IAA account.

House of Commons Academic Fellowship Scheme
Open to senior political and social scientists currently researching or wishing to study the work of Parliament, this scheme provides access to the Parliamentary Estate for up to 2 years.

For more information about academic fellowships at the Houses of Parliament, please email or call 020 7219 2840.

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