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Design experts and UK ports sector give evidence to Committee

4 December 2018

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The Regenerating Seaside Towns Committee takes evidence from two panels of witnesses. The first panel focuses on the design aspects of regeneration projects, while the second focuses on the UK ports sector.


Tuesday 4 December in Committee Room 2A, Palace of Westminster

At approximately 3.20pm

  • Mr Mark Latham, Regeneration Director, Urban Splash
  • Mr Wayne Hemingway, Co-Founder, Hemingway Design

At approximately 4.10pm

  • Mr Tim Morris, Chief Executive, UK Major Ports Group
  • Mr Richard Ballantyne, Chief Executive, British Ports Association
  • Mr Dafydd Williams, Humber Head of Communications, Associated British Ports

Possible questions

Questions the Committee is likely to ask include:

  • How can good quality design be ensured in the regeneration of seaside towns?
  • What role should the public and private sectors, as well as local communities, play in fostering high design standards?
  • How can the creative industries accelerate local regeneration?
  • Some seaside towns have recaptured the spirit of innovation that characterised their original establishment and development. How can that spirit be shared?
  • What broader benefits do ports bring to surrounding coastal communities?
  • How can the ports sector provide more and better training and jobs opportunities for the surrounding areas?
  • Do ports complement or compete with the tourism offer of seaside towns?
  • What is preventing or limiting further investment in coastal areas?
  • What are 'port development zones' and how could they benefit seaside towns?

Further information

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