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How do we get more affordable housing in rural areas?

7 November 2017

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The Select Committee on the Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act 2006 continues its inquiry with evidence sessions focusing on housing and planning in rural areas.


Tuesday 7 November, Committee Room 1, Palace of Westminster

At 11.05am

  • Trevor Cherrett, TCPA Policy Council Member, Town and Country Planning Association
  • Dr Hugh Ellis, Head of Policy, Town and Country Planning Association

At 12.05pm

  • Cllr Ian Stewart, County Councils Network Spokesman for Environment and Communities
  • Daryl Phillips, Joint Chief Executive of Hart District Council and the District Councils' Network Chief Executive Planning Lead

Possible questions

  • To what extent does Government policy take proper account of the needs of rural areas?
  • Is there sufficient co-ordination of rural policy across Whitehall departments, and vertically between central and local government?
  • How widely understood is the biodiversity duty, both by local authorities and within other public bodies?
  • What contribution does Natural England make to the planning process, both at the level of individual applications and more broadly?
  • Is there anything in the NERC Act 2006, or in Natural England's role, that needs to change in light of the abolition of many national and regional planning structures in the period since 2006?

Further information

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