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Is there a link between digital exclusion and financial exclusion?

15 November 2016

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The Select Committee on Financial Exclusion takes evidence from a range of organisations including Neyber, The Tinder Foundation and Lloyds Banking Group. The first session considers how FinTech might help to address financial exclusion; a second evidence session reviews the relationship between digital exclusion and financial exclusion.


Tuesday 15 November, Committee Room 2A, Palace of Westminster

At 10.40am

  • Virraj Jatania, Co-Founder and CEO, Pockit
  • Monica Kalia, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Neyber

At 11.40am

  • Adam Micklethwaite, Director of Business and Innovation, Tinder Foundation
  • Peter Wells, Policy Associate, Open Data Institute
  • Nick Williams, Director of Consumer Digital, Lloyds Banking Group

Possible questions

  • What are the principal ways in which FinTech can help to address financial exclusion?
  • How might the Open Banking Standard, due to be introduced by 2019, support the development of the FinTech sector?
  • To what extent do digital exclusion and financial exclusion overlap?
  • Are those who are digitally excluded more likely to be financially excluded?
  • What policies or practices do your organisations have in place to try to reduce digital – and hence financial – exclusion for particularly vulnerable groups of people, such as older people and those living with disabilities?

Further information

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