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"Who should own your data?" Committee asks experts

24 October 2017

Image of UK Parliament portcullis

The Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence are using their next public evidence session to establish how personal data should be owned, managed, valued and used for the benefit of society.


Tuesday 31 October in Committee Room 3, Palace of Westminster

 At 3.30pm

  • Dr Mercedes Bunz, Senior Lecturer, The Communication and Media Research Institute, University of Westminster
  • Dr Sandra Wachter, Postdoctoral Researcher in Data Ethics and Algorithms, Oxford Internet Institute
  • Elizabeth Denham, UK Information Commissioner, Information Commissioner's Office

At 4.30pm

  • Frederike Kaltheuner, Policy Officer, Privacy International
  • Olivier Thereaux, Head of Technology, The Open Data Institute
  • Javier Ruiz Diaz, Policy Director, The Open Rights Group

Areas of discussion

  • How can access to data for researchers and SMEs be improved? How can monopoly ownership of data by large corporations be prevented?
  • Is there a technical solution to preserving privacy while also ensuring the benefits of AI are realised?
  • Should the use of black-box algorithms like deep learning be restricted in domains of high-stakes decision making, such as finance, health, law, and military applications?
  • How can unintended prejudices in the data that is used for training AI models be mitigated?

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