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Call for evidence on Restoration and Renewal Bill

6 December 2018

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The Joint Committee on the draft Parliamentary Buildings (Restoration and Renewal) Bill has today published its call for evidence inviting views on whether the governance structures for the Restoration and Renewal (R&R) Programme set out in the draft Bill are appropriate.

The draft Bill proposes establishing three independent statutory bodies that would provide the governance throughout the full R&R Programme. These are:

  • the Sponsor Body – to oversee the programme
  • the Delivery Authority – to undertake the required works
  • the Estimates Commission – to review budgets and expenditure.

Submitting written evidence

The Joint Committee, which is Chaired by Dame Caroline Spelman MP, met for the first time this week, and agreed to invite written evidence in the following areas:

  • Is the governance structure outlined in the draft Bill the most effective mechanism for managing and delivering a project of this magnitude?
  • Are the functions to which the Sponsor Body must have regard sufficient to deliver the objectives identified by both Houses?
  • Are there any errors or omissions in the draft Bill which may prevent the statutory bodies, once established, from functioning efficiently and effectively?
  • Does the draft Bill achieve the correct balance between parliamentary oversight of restoration and renewal and political independence for the statutory bodies tasked with delivering the programme of works?
  • Are the proposed broad parameters in which the Sponsor Body would operate consistent with the resolutions agreed by both Houses and appropriate?
  • Is the proposed size and composition of the Sponsor Board sufficient to provide a range of skills and differing perspectives whilst also offering effective oversight of R&R?

The deadline for written submissions is 18 January 2019.

Chair's comments

Commenting Dame Caroline, said:

"Restoration and Renewal will be one of the most significant conservation projects in British history. The Palace of Westminster is a truly iconic building and among the most recognised across the globe, for many it is a symbol of both the UK and democracy internationally.

But beyond this, the project has to ensure that the renewed building makes provision for future technological developments, accessibility to all, and a secure and safe environment for visitors and all who work here, so that Parliament may continue to adapt to requirements in the 21st century.

For any project on this scale it is vital the right governance systems are in place to ensure the programme is run efficiently, effectively and delivers value for money. That is why the Bill to establish the governance bodies is a crucial step in ensuring R&R is a success.

We are inviting anyone with an interest or expertise in governance of large infrastructure projects to send us evidence, so we can ensure the system proposed on the Bill is the right one for the job. We are working to a tight deadline so please ensure you get your evidence to us by Friday 18 January."

Further information

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